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“Lansing hates us,…the People love us!!!”

USA 🇺🇲 Wow, The Insanity Continues 🔥Navy Medical Officer reveals Covax Vaccine Related Heart Issues. These numbers are astounding. "Myocarditis up 151%, Ischemic heart disease up 69%, pulmonary heart disease up 62% and Heart Failure is up 973% 👀👇

Political censorship evident in our intelligence agencies (you know...same folks who promoted lie that Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation).
Compare #2020Election assessment released under Biden admin with the 1/7/2021 assessment by DNI @JohnRatcliffe.
Biden admin? No…

Wind, solar and unicorn farts won't cut it.

Unsustainable and unreliable..

Dark days are ahead for the Mitten state if the Wolverine Queen gets her way.

Whitmer just signed bills to make the switch to "100% clean energy" by 2040.

It will make everything cost more, force…

Come meet Dr. Andrew Huff, and help raise money for State Rep. - Neil Friske, join us!!!

Still blows my mind Tucker was fired right before airing an interview w/US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund who said the J6 “crowd was *filled* with federal agents”

J6 Committee, Pelosi, and McCarthy never brought up that testimony

I wonder why!

3 months until Michigan's Presidential primary election on Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 2024. What will change between then and now?

“Every member of the House and Senate are guilty of treason. Those who would claim they are not traitors to this nation knew what was going on and remained silent instead of warning the citizens.  That makes them an accessory to…[the crimes being committed against the American…

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, ends woke BS in Arkansas' state government!!!

Way to go Sarah,...!!!


LAST DAY TO REGISTER; Saturday 11-18-23 @ 5:00 pm.

Click on this link for all the details and to Register;

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