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“Lansing hates us,…the People love us!!!”


Newsmax Crushes Fox News in Key Ratings During Trump Rally |

The View guest, says the 2nd Amendment was written to protect the institution of slavery!!!

‘I actually saw him thrive’: More families opting for homeschooling during pandemic

Trekking 100 miles, “Meijer Bear,” Other Wildlife Becoming Common Urban Visitors

The NSA "unmasked" Tucker Carlson's emails and text messages;

Mike Huckabee monologues about the Texas Democrats and their leaving the State to prevent a quorum,...good one Gov.!!!


Team USA wins its first medals of the Tokyo Olympics: Swimmer Chase Kalisz takes gold in 400 IM

At DECISION DAY - 2.0 in Grand Rapids/Walker at the Deltaplex.

Ron Armstrong & Tammy Clark of Stand Up Michigan got things kicked off!!!

Click on this link, play the 10 minute video by Pearson Sharp of One America News,....then please ReTweet this post; @pjcolbeck @agemaforrnc @SenMikeShirkey @SenEdMcBroom @SenTomBarrett @RepMattHall @KenBorton @madmanmaddock @CoChairMeshawn

Air Force to land planes on Northern Michigan highway during war training exercise;

Would a Plot to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer Have Existed Without FBI Informants, BuzzFeed Asks???

Questions to ask your elected officials. If they answer with "that's just a conspiracy theory",...or look dumbfounded with no substantive answer, they haven't seen the forensic evidence,...PERIOD!!!

Two days until Come Hear the Evidence comes to Grand Rapids! Election fraud exposure train picking up steam! #ProveIt @RealMarkFinchem @TruckerRandy @MrJustinBarclay @christina_bobb @LivewithRenk @stevegrubershow

The 1945 Powers of the Governor Act ("Riot Act") has been repealed in the Michigan State House in Lansing, just now!!!

CRT,...Critical Race Theory is unconstitutional;

Pence needs to retire,...he's DONE in Republican politics!!!

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