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“Lansing hates us,…the People love us!!!”


Michigan set to make coronavirus restrictions on businesses,...permanent.

The built-in cell phone modem in Dominion voting machines that connect them to the internet. "Fairest & most secure election in our history",...right!!!???

TC Man Arrested On Weapons Charges After Found With Numerous Firearms, Body Armor, Ammunition

Fill up now! Gas is expected to go up to 2.85 ± 0.07 in #Michigan via @GasBuddy #gasprices #gasbuddyalerts

Pfizer CEO: a third Covid vaccine dose might be needed as soon as six months after receiving two shots.

Former VP Pence undergoes heart surgery to implant pacemaker

We introduced legislation to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Michigan residents *must* have complete confidence in the fairness of elections and that all who can legally vote can vote. 🗳

Learn more about our elections reform plan here ▶️

Alan Dershowitz; If President Biden Packs The Supreme Court With Progressives It Will Mark the End of The Constitution!!!

In 5-4 vote, Supreme Court lifts California’s COVID ban on group Bible study in homes

Antrim County, Michigan;

The thread that unravels the fraudulent Nov. 3rd, 2020 election;

MI Gov. Whitmer asks (voluntary) diners not to eat indoors at restaurants for 2 weeks

April showers bring May flowers!!!

. @PatriotsSoapbox sends me this labeled version of the photo of Fauci with the elites including Soros and David Rockefeller (designer of the China First economy) from 2001.

A lot of anti-Americanism in this photo

Michigan Dealing With The Worst Covid Outbreak In The Country—Here's Why and now the CDC is coming to help!!!

Antrim County, MI | Report on Antrim County error keeps battle over records going in lingering election lawsuit

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