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“Lansing hates us,…the People love us!!!”


Ivermectin saves a 71 year old man, who was on his death bed from the China Virus;

Federal judge blocks Biden vaccine mandate for health care workers nationwide;

Another "Sitting Duck Zone" shooting!!!

3 killed, 6 injured in shooting at Michigan high school;

Clipper storm could be 1st of several snowmakers for Michigan and the Northeast

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

US troops around the globe will get Thanksgiving meal despite supply chain obstacles

WOW,...No more donations from me!!!

Michigan Weather, Cold and lots of Snow,... Prediction: 13-20 Inches of Snow On the Way

Biden,'s Justice Department defends Section 230 protections in Trump suit

Kyle Rittenhouse tells Tucker Carlson, the right to Self Defend yourself was on trial,..."I'm not a Racist"!!!

Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell Predicts Democrats' $1.7T Build Back Better Bill 'Will Never Become Law'

Buy some snow tires,... Michigan Residents Should Prepare For Heavy Snow This Winter

What a load of crap!!!
FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real.

The "vaccinated", are still getting the China Virus,...Why? Because it's not a real vaccine!


Quinnipiac (Democrat) Poll: Biden Approval Rating Sinks to Low of 36 Percent!!!

Antrim County; $6 million development could bring opposition but also a boost to Elk Rapids businesses

OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate After Court Block. Click on the link for the Epoch Times story;

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Wyoming GOP Votes to Stop Recognizing Cheney as a Republican.

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