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“October Surprise 2022″ in Michigan???”

Click on this link to listen to the interview of former Michigan State Senator/2018 Gubernatorial Candidate – Patrick Colbeck on “Your Defending Fathers” with “Trucker Randy” Bishop, Thursday October 6th, 2022;

Listen to the Interview

After listening, please share this link with everyone you know who will be voting in the November 8th, 2022 mid-term election!!!




“Lansing hates us,…the People love us!!!”


Elon Musk releases the Twitter files, proving that Twitter blocked information about Hunter Biden's laptop story from getting out to the public before the 2020 election;

Michigan AG Dana Nessel wants Lee Chatfield investigation records kept secret from public

What one newly elected School Board did;

Opinion piece,...exposing the true plan of the China Virus!!!

BREAKING: Missing links in audit trail provide compelling reasons for investigation of #2022Election BEFORE key election records are destroyed. Data used as basis of certification votes lacks credible audit trail. @TruckerRandy @MrJustinBarclay @BobDutko

Mike Lindell is considering a run for RNC Chair against Ronna McDaniel!!!

Michigan Will Soon Have a New Largest Indoor Waterpark at The Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth!!!

Garrett Soldano joins Matt DePerno to be the next Chairmen of the MIGOP!!!

Survey: Michigan Restaurants Will Increase Prices if ‘Adopt and Amend’ Kicks In

Ranked choice voting =
Stolen elections for Democrats!!! Alaska, what were you thinking???

Come on Georgia!!!

Dear God, I realize that everything about this earth is temporary, including my life. It's because of your son, Jesus Christ, that my life doesn't just end here.

I have joy because I can look forward to a life with you in your kingdom for all eternity. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Bye, bye Nancy!!!

So it begins;

12 Republican U.S. Senators so far have broken with their party to support a bill codifying same-sex marriage
@pjcolbeck @DaveAgema @agemaforrnc

Did St. Clair County voting machines not get the programming updates? Or, is St. Clair County simply out of step with the rest of the state?

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