As a Northern Michigan resident since May, 2005, with my wife Vicki (1984) we truly love this beautiful area of Michigan.


I attended Michigan State University and started a mortgage brokerage firm in 1978, in Southeastern Michigan.  The business grew to have 32 loan officers, office clerical staff and assistants.  Vicki owned a real estate company and we got married in 1984 and merged the two companies.  


We managed our business while raising three (3) daughters and a son, who have blessed us with 4 happy marriages, 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.


In 2005 we sold the companies to our staff members and retired to Traverse City.  In 2006, I decided to purchase a Semi-Truck and become a long haul cross country Independent Owner Operator.  While driving 441,117 miles over 3 years and seeing all 48 states and numerous Providences in Canada, I listened to conservative talk radio and news shows via XM satellite radio, every day and night.


In March 2009, I sold my Semi-Truck and came back home to Traverse City.  In March, 2010 I decided to get involved in politics and run for the Michigan State Senate – 37th District.


I ran on a four point platform;


1) Make Michigan a Right to Work state.  (Done – Michigan became the 24th RTW state on Dec. 6th, 2012)

2) Eliminate all personal income tax and business taxes and implement the “Michigan FairTax”.

3)  Complete Regulatory Reform of all of the current laws and rules in Lansing, streamlining any laws that hurt commerce or job creation.

4) When all of that work was done, introduce and vote to implement a “Part-Time” Legislature in Lansing, paying part-time pay & benefits to our elected officials.  Forcing legislators to live and work back in their districts, while operating under any newly passed laws for at least 9 months a year.


I got elected as the Chairman of the Antrim County Republican Party in Northwestern Michigan, in 2012, hoping to bring the MIGOP back to conservative values and policies.


Proud to be a part of Patriot Voice Radio Network as “Your Defending Fathers”.


Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – Noon,….sharing Christian, Conservative and Constitutional ideas with our audience.